Since 2006 Alexios Damaskopoulos aka  DreamMaster  has dynamically entered the world of video recording, the sound and image processing (editing), photography and graphic design services. It has the latest equipment and a team that stands for expertise and artistic creation.

Provides services for :  Cinematography / Drone Filming  /  Graphic Design / Post Production.

With years of experience on Film Production / Commercial Spots / Corporate Videos / Video Clips and Documentaries,  founded in 2006 by director Alexios Damaskopoulos based in Athens - Greece and from 2017 moved in Cologne - Germany.
With an extensive background in commercial production , we provide clients an all-in-one solution for realizing their artistic vision.

Alexios Damaskopoulos - Director / Filmmaker

Interview mit der griechischen Zeitung Peloponnisos  //  Συνέντευξη στην εφημερίδα Πελοπόννησος


Film Production Services


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