Since 2006 DreamMaster Production has dynamically entered the world of video recording, the sound and image processing (editing), photography and graphic design services. It has the latest equipment and a team that stands for expertise and artistic creation.

Provides services for :

Aerial Cinematography / Video Production / TV Commercials / Corporate Videos Graphic Design / Post Production.

With years of experience on film production / commercial spot / corporate video / video clip , DreamMaster Productionand  in Cologne - Germany based creative studio founded in 2006 by director Alexios Damaskopoulos. Our team consists of a passionate group of filmmakers and pilots. With an extensive background in commercial production , we provide clients an all-in-one solution for realizing their artistic vision.

Alexios Damaskopoulos - Director / Filmmaker

Interview mit der griechischen Zeitung Peloponnisos  //  Συνέντευξη στην εφημερίδα Πελοπόννησος


Film Production Services


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